Hawaii Nei

Hawaii's reputation as one of the world's most beautiful places is well-deserved. A day does not pass without a rainbow.

Still, you have to make an effort to really appreciate it. As a tourist, you are overwhelmed by the place, the mountains and colors and iridescent ocean, your attention flicking from view to view. As a resident, you become desensitized to it, bored, too busy.

Hawaii demands a mindset of constant acceptance, yet constant wonder.

Garden Island Maui Paradise High Activity Lighthouse at Sunset Kohala Splendor Kohala Coast Pali Trail Watercolored Oahu Misty Palms Waimea Stairway The Ends of the Earth Dreamworld Hawi Oahu Sunrise Moonscape The Kohala Coast The Kona Coast Lapahiki Shoreline Fronds at Pali River of Palm Vog Rapid Recovery Barber's Point Golden Kauai Sunset Behind the Palms Eucalyptus Stand Microdunes Kauai Sunset Blue Hawaii Sunset Auroral