Every Day 2016

In 2016, I challenged myself to take at least one photo of some meaning every day of the year. (Let it be remembered that it was a leap year.) I accomplished the mission, and while there are certainly some uninteresting photos here, I am pleased with the results overall. Some of these images are among the strongest I have published, and it was exciting to create them in situations (driving home from work, or cooking dinner) when I normally would not have been thinking about the camera at all. I'm not sure I'll be doing another photo-a-day project any time soon, but this undertaking was definitely worth the effort.

Haleiwa Moonset Holiday's Local The Perfect Bottle Me Sweet Me Tree in the Trash Convenience Kapahulu and Campbell Moon and Venus Rise Over Honolulu Sick Day Smart TV The New Neighbor Climbing, Descending Self Portrait as David Bowie Network Alarm Ala Moana Skylight Looking Glasses Sea Diamond and Lady Betty Iron Lady Weekend Warrior Poplar Yesterday's Fires Moon-Eating Trees part 1 Fence at Sunset Tinted Glassware Grocery Store Thugz 4 Life Da Clair de Lune, Brah Kapiolani Moonrise Uprights Sundowner Prep Station Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 Office Chair Keys and Screws Kickoff King of the Road The Condo Boom part 1 Cut Down Executive Offices Next Theft Protection City of Brake Lights Alakea and Beretania Hope for the Future City Living Figures Near a Swimming Pool Super Sunday Stopped Work Around the Trees Moon Over Kaimuki Mecha Rex Coral YMCA Bulk Tanks Bird at Refinery Feeder Valentine's Day Sunset at the Courthouse Formigami Lost Shoe on Hydrant The Pattern part 1 Reserved Oahu Railway Exempt Crossing Mehana On the Ewa Train Tanker Roger Honolulu with Reflection of Airplane Shredding the Tele No Chicks, No Crow Chinatown Alley James Campbell Migraine 18 Hilo Hattie Shadows The Clothes Are Not For You, Sir Stop, Go February Sunset In The Hills Reality Creation Co., Ltd. Grocery Cruising Self Portrait as Laryngitis Ko Olina Sunset Bus Stop Blossom Coming Soon METAR Downtown Blue Mommy, Why Is The Orange Man Using His Outside Voice? Waikiki Fireworks Chasing the Moon Modena in Manoa Dreaming of Bigger Things Campbell Station Garbage Day Zinfandel Friday Night on Kapiolani i8 Rainbow Warrior Sunset Spot River Street Self-Storage Listening for Signals Packing Molokai Spotlight Molokai Highway Halawa Falls, Molokai Ghosts of Molokai The International Space Station part 1 Dining Alone Building Up One Quarter Vog Solar Impulse Hearing Protection Required Regal Theater, Two Weeks From Opening Day Four-Legged Friends Cirrus Sunrise Waikiki Exuberance Fountain Pen Too Late for Tea The 1979 Cadillac Tubes Pinwheels for Prevention Form Before Function Aura Ala Moana Repaint Watchdog Barbecue Tonight Stirring the Roux DC-8 Trussed Trusses Masonry Moon Over Downtown Bishop Street One Way Escalator to the Clouds Tip Jar part 1 Six Months Steamed Tomatoes Used Kapolei Rising Self Portrait as a Guy With a Long Way to Go Reserved Parking Abandoned Toys Casual Friday Data Corruption Keahipono 1 Keahipono 2 Keahipono 3 Kalapawai Kapolei Skylight Chickens Near Dumpsters part 1 Where Did I Park American Tire Steelwork Star Princess Docked at Aloha Tower Ponytail Entrapment Watch For Traffic Exodus Master Tailor Honolulu Architecture Shutting Out The Mountains Aloha Carlos Pho Kitchen Tall Ship in Honolulu Harbor Moon Over Kapolei Parkway Paper Tigerlily The Plywood Behind the Curtain The Single Guy Chair Chickens Near Dumpsters part 2 Sunset at the Cafe Binoculars The Test of Time Iolani Shadows Banking in the Cloud Diamond Head Concourse HNL Phone Booths 737 San Geronimo Chapel A Faraway Place Adobe Sky Plaza Birds Taos Pueblo Doorways Temperature Control Cart in Taos Smoking Area Broken Bird Santa Fe Architecture Tina with Turquoise Tent Rocks Perspective Rooibos Canyon Road Between The Saints and You Terminal 7 LA Lights Bangko Sentral Quartz Vortices Rainbow Rose Damn Beer Wires Living Room Lunch Room Off Lanikai Lanikai Sour Lost Shoe on Beach Afloat on Troubled Waters Torn Sail Campbell Infrastructure Gambler's Fallacy Lojack Red Sky at Morning Flight Suits and Medicine Balls Cold Weather Gear Ship's Bell Rallycross Driver 41 Pre-Hofmeister Safe Racing Waiting World Tropical Flowers Three Point Turn Dead End on Independence Avenue Lost Shoe Behind Grimy Grocery Store End School Zone A Quarter Mile at a Time Garbage Garbage Dumpster Duc's Bunny Life Imitates Marketing Pau Hana Orders Half Rosy Afternoon on Kapiolani Roast is Ready Running In The Clouds Fireworks with Arriving Airplane Steelworker Bringing In The Chairs Twisty 1 Twisty 2 Twisty 3 Moon-Eating Trees part 2 Double Rainbow Car Shopping part 1 Air Conditioning Dreaming Upward Le Tour Rainy Road RIMPAC Approach 1 RIMPAC Approach 2 RIMPAC Approach 3 Self Portrait as a Series of Reflections New Suitcases Waikiki Palette Down the Drain and Trod Upon Moon Over UH West Oahu The Passed Pawn Gift Shopping Ala Wai Recreation It's Official Treadwear Light in the Sky New Friends Powderpuff Darby Downer Dewpoint Unease Behind The Storm After The Storm The International Space Station part 2 Downtown Post Office Wardrobe Kirin Sold Here Alternate Reality Creation Co., Unltd. Kakaako Side Street Topography New Aprons Going South Unleaded Fuel Only The Rubiks Style Kakaako Verticals Looking Forward and Backward Kalaeloa Airport Grand Entrance My Other Car Is A Slash and Burn After the Renaissance Lava Cake Monday Morning Reflections Hang In There, Al Shopkeeper New Windows Tip Jar part 2 These Walls Can't Hold Me Ingredients part 1 The Built Environment Backfill Dandelions Flower Shopping Ingredients part 2 Outside the Flower Shop Ingredients part 3 Blue and Orange Kalapawai Lights Storm Clouds Devour Diamond Head Fogbound Bird on a Fogbound Roof The Swirl Live Via Satellite Cut and Ready Shelves Lucky Charms Self Portrait as an Unexpectedly Long Day A Rarely-Used Sprinkler Form In Front of Function Route 411 Self Portrait as the Most Interesting Man in the World Fabric Mart Stay Off Top Step Wet Paint at 808 Futsal Dumping of Oil Polish Lost Shoes Outside Saks Fifth Avenue Lost Shoe Behind Tire Store Parmigiano Reggiano Fronts Visitor Information Little Treasures Breakwalkers Mister Crabby Stapleface Aloha Cactus Lei on Fence 3 High Backlit in Waikiki Brew Flight Waikiki Googie Squall Off Makapuu Point White Plains Beach Beer Inner Tubes Watching the Horizon Kailua Kites Koolau from Laie Point Inner Tubes at Vacation's End Alleyway Lunch Restaurant Eleven Months Legs Happy Birthday Lars Traffic Echoes Salad Plates The International Space Station part 3 Evening in Kapolei Wolter Bldg Institutional Spookiness Three Fourths Self Portrait as a James Bond Marathon On the Side Table Skeletor Watches the World Go By Corks Eight Years in Hawaii Waikiki Twilight Money in Politics in Money Ala Moana Scaffolding We Have Moved Worldwide Travel Meanwhile, Chloe Was... Safety Tea Time Viaduct Vine Jetstream Car Shopping part 2 Bags and Bikes Bicycles Only Sauce Mokauea Street Saturday at the Office End of the Season Bent Chain Link Cheap Wine Blue Sky on Red Metal View from Traffic, Alakea Street The Pearl and the Basketball It's Getting Late Outside The Corner, Turned Broken Faucet Candy Strings in Motion Stairwell Fake Grass Pizza Counter, Help Wanted Imagination on a String Happy Birthday JJ Biosphere The Good Witch Unfinished Road Glass Travel Size Hers and Hers Neo Kakaako Street Parking Hyperdrive Suspension Election Eve Who Will Raise the Flag? Welcome to Napa Falling Leaves Oxford Street Yard Work Wine Country Infrastructure Valet Lane at Meadowood Resort Sage Canyon Trellises at Sunset Dog Outside Hydro Grill Abandoned Chips in Healdsburg Calistoga Christmas Lights Calistoga Fire Station Geyserville Ave Geyserville Christmas Lights Hedged Bets Heirlooms Serve Yourself The Labyrinth The Old Road to Geyserville Washing Out the Wine Stains Your Purpose Fog on the Tarmac, Sunrise The Rabbit Back to Werk Reindeer Games Take Out The Way Backward Gruel Working Late A Surveilled Little Christmas Ka Makana Fingerprints Disco Beans Rain on a Red Car Don't Blame Me Private Pop Old Kapolei part 1 Old Kapolei part 2 Gazing at a World Yet to Explain Itself Thanksgiving Traditions Macy's, Ka Makana Alii Magic Fountain Route C Holiday Reflections Bananas Est Arrivee Christmas Moons Kai Aloha Rope Tree Waikiki Trolley Tankers Hard Hats Leaf on Sidewalk Narrow Pathway Flower and Tree Walk Ups The Village Frosty Decorations A Pig of Horses Moonrise Balloons Planter Nightfall Looking Southwest The Rainbow Heralds the Weekend Between the Lines Captive Tree Very Special Gifts Meat Sauce Midway Street Kalaeloa Manhole Sparkles Dillingham Blvd Wrapped With Care Menu Planning Spiked Bikes on the Balcony Diaspora Bells Cast Iron Donuts Joy Neptune in a Bottle Ghosts of New Years Past and Future Municipal Cheer Self Portrait as Pau Hana One Year Later part 1 One Year Later part 2