Travelogue: The Philippines

Images from Honolulu, Manila, Albay, and Camarines Norte, January and February 2018. The Philippines is a place where time seems to follow a circular path. The unceasing urge to get on to the next thing, so familiar in the United States, vanishes quickly in a place where cell phone service is sold by the text message and all-day electrical power is not something to be counted on. It's a place where there's always a lot going on, but there's always plenty of time.

HNL Wildlife Man in Striped Shirt at HNL PAL-HNL Station Intramuros Greenhouse Soldier's Feet Spanish Fort Intramuros Harbor View Makati on the Rise Terminal 3 Mount Mayon Cagsawa Grassland Lu Ming Slippers in Tinago Hairpin Self Portrait as an Electric Fan Streetball Chain Link Family Portrait at Sumlang Lake New Friend Shop Cat Shop Dog Sumlang Gondola Paddling at Sumlang Lake Makeshift Home Humidity Clotheslines Fly Candle Gourmet Courtyard at the Camarines Norte Provincial Capital Daet Roll Call Snow White The New Kitchen Shelf Tin at Catherine's Bicol Flora